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The Healing Power of Fresh Food

Dog healed by Always Real Food diet
Struvite Crystals

Meet Carson, a handsome and charming miniature poodle, bichon mix. In March of 2015, Carson started vomiting periodically and was becoming lethargic.  The vet diagnosed him with struvite crystals, a urinary ailment not uncommon to his breed mix. The danger of these crystals is that they can unite to form stones that may interfere with a dog's ability to urinate. 


The recommended treatment was to keep Carson on a prescription dog food formulated for urinary health. There were no flavor options available. Just one food, with no flavor even indicated on the label, for the rest of his life.

Carson's mom turned to ARF for help. We were able to customize a complete and balanced diet consisting of a rotation of healthy proteins and organic vegetables known to balance urine pH and prevent infections and crystals. Carson's crystals soon disappeared and, to date, they have yet to return.  Carson continues to be his happy, energetic self and always looks forward to his meals of fresh homemade dog food.

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