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ARF Coconut Kefir

About 70% of your pet’s immune system is in the intestinal tract, which requires a balance of good bacteria and yeast in order to perform properly. Kefir is a centuries-old probiotic remedy packed with good bacteria and beneficial yeasts that will deliver that balance when you add it to your pet’s diet.

Two Simple Ingredients; 

One Probiotic Super Food

Live Kefir Grains

Fresh Coconut Milk

Live kefir grains contain a larger, more diverse range of probiotic bacteria and yeast strains than kefir powder or yogurt.
Dairy products can be difficult for some pets to digest. That’s why we use only fresh coconut milk in ARF! Coconut Kefir.
ARF Coconut Kefir
Our kefir is available in 8 ounce bags of frozen bite size pieces.
Ingredients: Cultured coconut milk
ARF Frozen Bites_New Branding.jpg

Benefits for

Your Pet

  • Provides relief from allergies

  • Kills yeast that causes itching

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Aids in digestion

  • Reduces gas

  • Boosts energy

  • Restores balance to digestive tract while on antibiotics and other medication

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